Better Collaboration for More Effective Learning

Victoria makes students feel like they’re together in the same room with their professors via collaborative video conferencing consistent of a fully redesigned set of tools that are interactive, and easy to use.

High-Quality Voice/Video Calls

HD audio and video enables a more engaging learning experience. That’s why we deliver highest reliability for every voice/video call, even when using 3G network.

Two-way Collaborative Communication

Explore endless possibilities to emulate the real-time face-to-face instruction environment, with two-way interactive tools like free-form drawing, highlighting, annotation on data, and much more.

Collaborative Screen Sharing

Two-way screen sharing allows participants to co-browse the web/documents, power point presentations and online resources with real-time collaborative editing ability.

Live Messaging

Open a chat window for real-time text conversation alongside a video conference, drag and drop them to the board to save time for handwriting.

Multiple Devices Supported

Enjoy the ease of broadcasting from one device to audience anywhere around the globe, with up to 100 devices supported.

Flexible Pay-per-use Model to Get Started Instantly

We take flexibility a step even further for schools and educational institutions, so that they can build distance education services in a cost-effective way using the pay-per-use model or minute of usage model. This will help cut down the excessive burdens related with infrastructure and human resource costs required to manage such distance education services.

Go Beyond the Traditional Learning Management Platform

Victoria’s built-in Learning Management Platform (LMS) eliminates the hassles often involved with course management and growing traditional learning technologies, allowing institutions to get all of the functionality they need and none that they don’t.
Our powerful, yet simple tools and workflows help students and professors stay organized, easily take action, and engage with content and each other instantly and on-the-go.

A learning platform loved by everyone

We erase all barriers to learning by arming students, professors, and schools with everything they need to to conduct real-time interactive sessions via video conferencing anytime, anywhere

Unleash each student’s full potential

Through a simple push of a button, students can get connected with a professor for distance learning sessions via two-way interactive video conferencing. This means students encounter class content and rigor when they are ready, at the right time and the right pace based on their individual needs. Whether students need extra help or are already ahead of the curve, they will be able to get the most out of every class.

Amplify professor productivity and effectiveness

With Victoria, teachers can amplify student engagement and tackle teaching challenges such as large class sizes, limited prep time, and the vast gap between their individual student’s needs and skills. Victoria emulates the face-to-face instruction, transforms one-on-one distance teaching sessions into a dynamic, interactive experience centered on applying concepts and engaging creatively. Increased student engagement leads to improved student achievement, in other words, boosting professor productivity.

Accelerate institutional growth

Building distance courses helps expand school and institutions operations and accommodate a much bigger student population, at a much cheaper cost when compared to building physical campuses. In addition, Victoria LMS provides a powerful and professional foundation for competency-based blended management to efficiently drive continuous school improvement, all on a single, easy-to-use dashboard.
How Victoria Works
Vivid learning in one click
Your students can get connected to professors immediately for on-demand learning sessions through the auxiliary Victoria apps for both professors and students
Get started
Open an account for your school/insitution, this will be the account for you to effortlessly maintain your staff directory
Setting up
Assign professors to different groups according to the subjects they teach
Vivid learning in one click
Your students can get connected to professors immediately for on-demand learning sessions through the auxiliary Victoria apps for both professors and students
Get started
Open an account for your school/insitution, this will be the account for you to effortlessly maintain your staff directory
Press Coverage
Top Taiwanese Uni and Vietnam Blockchain Company to Teach Mandarin Globally

A Vietnamese blockchain platform has partnered with a major Taiwanese institute of higher learning to facilitate the learning of Mandarin.

Asia Blockchain Review
Beowulf Blockchain Partners with Vietnam Medical Genetics Institute to Power Vietnam’s First Blockchain-based Human Genomic Data Platform

The decentralized communication network pioneer Beowulf Blockchain has announced a strategic partnership with Vietnam Medical Genetics Institute, to further strengthen the quality and scope of medical training and consultations via the innovative Victoria platform for distance counselling, as well as develop Vietnam’s first genomic data on the blockchain.

The Crypto Sight
Vietnam National University Launches Distance Medical Training

Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City will offer distance learning for the nation’s medical students.Supported by a decentralised cloud network from Silicon Valley-based Beowulf Blockchain, the new learning platform will eventually offer medical students across Vietnam remote learning in their home or place of work.

Education Technology

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For students to get access to the information they want, the connections they crave, and the personalization they demand, on the go.
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For professors to harness the power of our competency-based blended and professional distance teaching application anywhere, anytime.

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